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Beauty- Line has a team of qualified, experienced, professional and off course beautiful inner beauticians who’s aim in life is to draw out the hidden beauty inside each of ”YOU”. They are working from the concept: Smile to the world and the world will smile back at you. Keep in mind that beauty is 70% mental state, body fitness cosmetics only covers 30%. There’s beauty inside all creation, it’s not a myth but reality. We promise contagious happiness, an ageless mind and eternal inner beauty for both men and women. Remember that smiling is transmittable. It’s the best, most natural make- up. If you are beautiful on the inside it will also affect you’re outside beauty.

Discover the beauty inside yourself, and let it touch the outside world, because you’re worth it.

Beauty Line ”Making the most of you”. Your beauty is our concern.

The Short- Cut to a perfect Life
Magnificent- Life YAG Laser compose a special light to shot heat and energy into your personal life. It completely and fully stimulates the brain- activity and motion cells to be renewed, rejuvenates the mind- fibre and stretches the surroundings in order to remove any bad energy- source shrink distressing and upsetting phenomenons, then in return it will give you happiness like a newborn baby.
1) Remove negative thougts, improve the optimistic, makes difficult the more elastic, rejuvated unimportant worrie
2) Adjust the necessary problems (who can not be removed) to a survivable level
3) Helps you handle and even put a positive light on otherwise quite complex and complicated situations